In The Mist Of It All

Version 2

    Back in June 2007 I experienced the loss of my father unexpectedly, then in October my Grandmother who I had been caring for. This of course was a very trying time in my life and the weight of this life changing events was taking a toll on my life. Not because of the physical loss itself but because most of the burden had fallen on me to carry out these arrangements and attend to the ongoing affairs after the funeral arrangements had been taken care of. I remember thinking to myself if I could have someone who could come in and handle the administrative aspect of this time for me then I could focus more on my family and my children and getting them through this difficult time this would be so much easier. Having to run back and forth to the funeral home, communicating with the funeral staff to assure satisfactory services, filing paperwork, talking to insurance companies, notifying family and having to tell this same sad story over and over again was draining. I began to think of how many other people must have felt that same stress that I was feeling and how many people could use what I needed at that time. A personal assistant or a consultant who could be my voice, my decision maker who could plan this service and give me room to breath and take in what was happening in my life. This is how PJ's Funeral Planners was created. A pure desire to be a comfort system, an open ear, a helper, a liaison, a public servant in a manner that can be appreciated for years to come. That is my goal. I have set forth on a business venture to be to someone's family what I needed during my time of mourning, a caring, compassionate individual who focused on my needs to get through this trying time.

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