How To Motivate Your Home Based Business

Version 3
    Understand this: The only thing you can do that will TRULY help your business is to lead by example. Just do the things that you need to personally do on a daily basis to build your business - Adverstising, Prospecting, Targeting, Following-Up, and being Honest. Give your business the opportunity the prosper by doing things the RIGHT WAY.

    The sad truth is that many of those who start a home based business are not really about becoming self-employed. They are just looking to "buy some hope" so they can quiet the voices of discontent in their heads.

    Soon enough, they'll find an excuse as to why "it didn't work for them" (most likely because they did not listen to you as a leader), quit and spread negativity about you and your program. Then, people listen to these "bum-gunners" that think they should have gotten rich doing nothing, and all the sudden people that the program could have potentially worked for are taking feedback from the sell outs. And there is NOTHING you can do about it - so do NOT spend your time and energy worrying about it. It is their problem, not yours. Your business is working for you and your members that listen, so why change just for a couple bums?

    Build YOUR business. Lead by example and the right people will follow. Put your "blinders" on to everything and everyone else.

    I and my team are successful enough and have dealt with all kinds of critisism that I tolerate ZERO negativity in my life now. Someone sends an unfriendly e-mail....Adios. Sadly, these e-mails are from people who had NO IDEA how my program works and how it has helped so many people prosper financially. I'm here to help, and if they do not want to be helped, that is their problem.

    You are not here to save people. You are here to give them an opportunity to save themselves. Alot of people won't. And only they can ever change that. If they are willing to listen to your techniques and how it works for you, it will work for them. For those who do not listen, it is their fault. They do not want to be led, so let them try to make it on their own. They will either quit and be one of those "bum-gunners" or learn their lesson and start listening to you.