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    As a Professional Nurse I am always looking toward the future in Healthcare and how it relates to Nutrition. We truly are what we eat and I am always trying to educate people to be more pro-active about their Health and Nutrition. Recently as part of my business Model, I came across a company that is truly on the cutting edge of Nutritional Supplementation based on a persons DNA. The Human Genome map was completed in 2003 and now the research and development of the study of our genes is moving at a rapid pace. I joined this company in May to be able to offer the DNA wellness test to people I know and my clients and took the test myself. It really was very revealing. But after you have the test, what do you do with the information and that's the important part. They customize the supplements according to your Genetic Map. The test is comprised of the 12 healthy genes of aging and is done non-invasively with a cheek swab done by the person themselves and sent back to the laboratory.The Test gives you predispositions only. It doesn't mean you will get these health problems but changing your lifestyle and diet etc, helps your genes express themselves more harmoniously.