We blogged our Start Up.

Version 3
    It started with a concept and a dream. We had several snags along the way. We had to change a few things and at least once, we had to make sweeping changes.

    I am sure that is the case with every business. In our case we blogged our progress as we went and shared it with our visitors.

    Here are a few excerpts.

    Sunday August 10 2008

    SkyaboveLocal is Live (Sort Of)

    It's 2 AM and I am still working on SkyaboveLocal.com. I have a lot yet to do and the clock is ticking. The site launches on Agust 15th. Just 5 days from now.

    Its going to be great and everyone is very excited. Still concerned about the blowback from all the Local SEO companies though. Not concerned about the legal aspects. There is nothing to stop us from telling people the truth. They dont have to keep paying these companies insane monthly fees to do to something they can do themselves.

    Diana is concerned about site security and potential hacks but I think we got that nailed down with the new defender package. It wasent cheap, but I think it will be worth it.

    Still working on the videos for Yahoo and MSN. Should have them posted in 2 days.<hr />


    Friday, August 15, 2008

    August 15th (Not Quite)

    Well, its 2 AM on Friday morning and I dont think we are going to make the August 15th launch. All of Google is done and live but Yahoo and MSN are still being worked on.

    Our goal here is to make the tutorial as simple as possible. To that end we have made two tutorials for each local search engine. A Wizard type of tutorial with videos and a more textual step by step guide with videos and tons of screen shots.

    We wont make the deadline but we will have an awesome site.

    I am going to offer a discount for new members since only Google is live at the moment. Will add it to the site tomorrow.<hr />


    Monday, August 25, 2008

    Yes, Yes, We are there

    We are live! We are updated with all info and ready to go. Yes, its 10 days late but it was well worth the delay. We have added to the value tremendously

    • We added the new flash at the top.
    • Brought in the no monthly fees
    • Added the FAQ after having loss the last one.
    • Added the News section.


    As you start your business, consider starting an online blog at the same time and record your activities. It may not be that a lot of people will see it at the time but they will if you are successful. It also gives you a great historical prespective and a sense of time reality.