Cutting Business Travel Costs

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    Every company needs to reduce corporate travel expenses today.

    Times are tough. Revenues are falling and everyone is trying to reduce operating costs. Companies that must, of necessity, travel on business are faced with a dilemma: reducing travel costs means less travel and less travel means fewer opportunities to sell or service your clients. In fact, it is precisely during hard economic times that you want to make your presence felt at your customer more than ever. When your competition is cutting back its visits, wouldn't that be the best time to keep up yours?

    Ironically, this is one area where small to medium size firms may have an advantage over their large corporate competitors today.

    Most large corporations have already optimized their travel budgets through the use of their own In House travel departments. There is little they can do to reduce their travel costs other than cut back on travel becasue they are already getting the lowest air, hotel and rental car rates available.

    Small to medium size firms have had to book their own travel or rely upon travel agents to do it for them. Either way, a lot of money is left on the table. The trick is to have access to your own In House Travel Department. Unfortunately, this is a service that, until now, has not been readily available.

    The big problem with re-inventing a standard business model is that most people continue to view it in historical terms. When we began saving corporate business clients between 20% and 45% off the prices they usually paid for air, hotel and rental cars they reacted with as much surprise at the fact that nobody had offered this before as they did at the savings they were seeing.

    Small to medium size companies can now avail themselves of an "In House" travel department on a trip to trip basis that can bring their travel expenses down to a level equal or lower than that of their larger competitors. operates as an out sourced In House Travel Department for small to medium size firms that need to travel on business. We do not do vacations or personal travel and have developed a system and database which allows us to quickly identify the absolute lowest fares and rates available on the internet for our client's itinerary.

    Since most internet based fares are not commissionable, they are not offered to corporate travelers by travel agents. And since researching the internet for these fares is a time consuming process, neither travel agents nor individual travelers are likely to spend the hours needed to ferret out the lowest fares. Travelers who use sites like Orbitz or Expedia often think they are getting a special rate when in fact these are often the same rates offered by a hotel's internet site.

    Every company knows how much money it has budgeted for business travel. Do the math using just a savings of 20% and then ask yourself how much product you need to move to make that much net profit on the sales side. Travel cost reductions are the easiest path to increased profits.