Social Entrepreneurship Venture offers Mutual Benefit

Version 3
    I am the inventor of a new consumer product, Toothbrush Hygiene Helper (TBH). Despite ongoing challenges, it is my goal to show the business world that a venture that integrates profit and social responsibility can succeed!

    The last two years have been spent in business planning and product development, and I just launched my E-Commerce website in August 2008. The timing has been quite interesting, given that the United States' economy took a nose-dive around Summer.

    And yet, I am very hopeful and remain focused, as well as patient. One reason is because I have developed a company and product with potential for mutual benefit with others worldwide, and I strongly believe a small business like mine, with a strong social entrepreneurship focus, can thrive over time.

    Despite a restricted financing environment, I continue to work toward raising money for initial production and manufacturing components. As advance purchase orders for the TBH product trickle in, this is an exciting time, and allows me a chance to establish rapport with new customers and potential business associates.

    If the current economic crisis in America has taught us anything, one lesson is that greed ultimately implodes. Why would any board of directors agree to a multi-million, sign-on bonus for a CEO who has not delivered outcomes yet? One can be hardcore when it comes to business, but not so hard-hearted to a point where there is no recognition of one's own limits. When certain individuals only seek their enrichment at the expense of the masses on Main Street, we are worse off as a nation. I believe it's possible for mutual-benefit, win-win situations to be created with others who are willing to work hard, and that's what I intend to accomplish in a business venture with values and vision!