Phone System Horror Story

Version 2
    So, you're in the market for a new phone system. You're doing your due diligence, sifting through the vast features and benefits, and all the while, looking at your budget, hoping to get this done so you can get back to your real job.

    You get started where most everyone does these days, on Google, typing in some key words that may lead you to a good deal. There, among the usual information, you see it right there, off to the side,"reconditioned phone systems" (+or something equal to that+) and you think "hey!, now we're talking!"

    You may have just stumbled on to someone else's problem at a great price. Our advice, whether its through our company or not, is to BUY A NEW PHONE SYSTEM.

    We've had to add more storage space in our back room just to hold all of the letters and testimonials from people that have found out the hard way how costly it can be to purchase a reconditioned, refurbished, or used phone system.

    See, the problem is, the company selling you this system may also have no clue it's bad, because they bought it used too. Here's something else to consider, you may not find out it's bad right away, which makes matters even worse.

    Here's an example; The Smith company purchased a new phone system for their office of about 15 people, and felt good about life. They learned how to use it, and became fond of it. The only problem was, they would get complaints now and then from people in the field saying "we must have a bad connection" or "speak up!" To which they replied "I am" or "Is that any better?"

    One and ½ years go by, and they have all finally been part of enough poor quality calls and had the boss
    upset that they give us a call and ask us to put in a new phone system. We listen as they explain they've only had it that year and a half, so we ask what's wrong, and you know the rest.

    At some point, prior to them buying the system, something bad happened, and they bought a bad system. So take our advice, save yourself a lot of money and time, and buy a new phone system. Preferably from us at