Secret Of Starting A New Business

Version 2

    Good Day To All My Friends,

    Many of you know me as the Answer Guy (, but I am also a serial entrepreneur...I can't help myself...While visiting several mixers, business presentations and social groups over the last couple of years, I was amazed that whenever food was set out, there was never any desserts like cookies, small cakes etc for the 60% of our population that shouldn't eat processed sugar (diabetics, people with weight problems, hyperactives and pregnant ladies). As a borderline diabetic, I wanted to do something about this shortfall. I recently created SFO MultiBrands, Inc. a business that supplies sugar-free and no sugar added desserts, baked goods and candies to companies, business associations like Chambers of Commerce, social and religious groups, so that ALL the people attending a business or social event can enjoy themselves by having a little something yummy to eat.


    This is an example of what I try to teach all my clients...If you are looking for something new to do, just pay attention to your surroundings, and look for possibilities in what is missing, what people need, what people want and what will make peoples lives easier, better, healthier!



    I'd like you to take a look at my "test" website and tell me what you think about what I am doing.


    Have A Great Day Of Business,

    Gary Scaife
    The Answer Guy