Casting Towards a Cure

Version 3


    Many children grow up loving fishing and some dream about fishing for a living. Well, I am living that dream. I started my bass fishing guide business two years ago, but it hasn't been easy making this dream come true.
    My difficulties started 29 years ago in Buffalo, NY, when I was born with a fatal genetic lung disease, Cystic Fibrosis. My childhood and teenage years, I battled to stay alive by having to take many medications and breathing treatments. Much of my success in life was because of the dedication my parents made to keep me healthy and to have goals. At one point in life every child wants to be a firefighter, and so did I. Especially because my dad was, but having CF prohibited this dream from ever coming true. So I did the next best thing, I became a paramedic. Throughout the summer besides all the life saving equipment on my ambulance you would also find my fishing rod and tackle box. When we weren't helping people, we were at a pond or near Lake Erie Fishing.
    My wife and I made a decision to move to Orlando 4 years ago. After our move I was hired by Walt Disney World as a fishing guide. I enjoyed working as a fishing guide but wanted to start working for myself. I completed a rather difficult course to become a licensed Captain, and shortly began Orlando Trophy Bass. Starting this business and having to compete with hundreds of other fishing guides, and rough economic times has been tough. I am a fighter though, and despite these bumps in the road, I am continuing to grow my business.
    Besides having a passion for fishing, I have a stronger passion to finding a cure for CF. I began this business to help raise money for CF by donating $25 of every fishing trip to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, raising nearly $1000 in 2008. A small start, but with continuous business growth and new ideas, I will become a major contributor towards a cure for cystic fibrosis.

    Thank you,

    Captain Kevin Przybyl
    Orlando Trophy Bass