Your vehicle as your business card

Version 3
    We we are a small business that recently opened in July 08. We spent some capitol on advertising but we mainly had our vehicles, 2 of them, get graphics put on them. At first we would get a call now and then saying they say our vechicle. So I began to wonder if it was worth the money to have both of them done, why didn't I just get one done, etc. As a new business owner you go through many thoughts and changes as you develop what you want your business to be for yourself and your customers.

    Well one day we received an email from WBAL TV in Baltimore saying that one of our cars was spotted on the highway. Well first thought is ok they just wanted to say it looked neat or cool as this is what we had been receiving. Well the reporter that saw the vehicle was very interested in the fact that is was "The Glove Lady of Baltimore" and it was a woman driving it, my wife. Well she got in contact with her and WBAL TV did a special on managing a woman owned business and managing a family. We were still a little unsure if it would air but it did, you can check it out at .

    So the moral of the story is vehicle advertising works but make sure it is unique because it will sell customers before you can. Take time to make sure you do it right but it gives that WOW factor. Customers know us by our 2 vehicles and tell us all the time they saw us some where working with a customer. Be ready for anything to happen and open to ask what it is.

    Thank you,
    Randall & Terry Cunningham
    The Glove Guy/Lady of Baltimore LLC