What if You Could Get Organized and Go Paperless?

Version 3
    Pixily is an interactive document management service that organizes paper and electronic materials online so people can instantly find and share information whenever and wherever they need it. For consumers, Pixily serves as a digital organization assistant that reduces paper clutter and helps manage personal information more efficiently. Businesses rely on Pixily as an affordable on-demand document management service to streamline daily operations and be more productive.

    Consumers and businesses send paper documents to Pixily via email, scanner or the company's "scanvelopes," which are water-and tamper-resistant, pre-paid postage envelopes. Upon receipt, Pixily scans, categorizes and uploads the documents to a customer's web account, where they can be securely accessed by authorized users from any location. By accessing their Pixily account, users can effortlessly organize their documents with Pixily's labeling tools, quickly find information with keyword searches and securely share documents with others.
    Everything from AR/AP, invoices, receipts, and bank statements can be uploaded to your account, searched, shared and downloaded. The next time your accountant calls and asks for a document, wouldn't it be great if you could locate the document in a few seconds and simply share it with him/her?

    That's the power of Pixily