It's From the Heart

Version 3
    What does the "state of your health" say about your company's brand? As long as I have been a HR professional, my passion and what I enjoy has been nudging me to do what I love most - health and wellness.

    As a HR Director and working for small businesses, health insurance was a struggle for my employer - one major claim could send health insurance costs into orbit. Every year, we agonized about how much the cost would increase and how to keep the benefit was affordable for employees.

    Small employers employ about 80% of workers and are more affected by the health care crisis. The burden of "lifestyle" illnesses such as obesity, hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes can cripple a company's productivity and increases plan utilization, which drives the cost up. As a solution, Be Healthy for Life creates a collaborative relationship between the employee and employer to practice preventive care as a win-win solution to shift more revenue to the bottom line. Healthy employees create a healthy company that is fit to perform.

    Come join me to change the healthcare crisis.