Ready to Say Goodbye to Stress?

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    Velina's bodywork is a soothing, nurturing, deeply relaxing experience that attempts to create the feel of being washed over by the waves of the ocean. It is her belief that the body must be fully relaxed before healing can occur. She can do anything from deep tissue to subtle touch, allowing the client to guide her in what they are needing most.


    Velina obtained an MA degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University. In her last year of graduate school, she created her own internship in order to learn more about the healing arts of the Far East. She attended the Dahn Healer School. Based out of Korean, this is a holistic, integerative approach to healing from the Asian cultures.


    She also trained at Esalen Institue in Big Sur, California, as well as under various bodyworkers in Boulder. She is now currently enrolled in a unique massage program at Healing Spirits where she is continuing her education in order to serve her clients more fully.


    Velina offers healing massage, and if desired, her words of wisdom, meditation instruction, and home exercises to empower her clients to heal themselves. She strongly believes that her calling is to offer support and facilitation in her client's journey to self healing. She is here to serve your needs, not her own.


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    {noformat}*"I have been to many massage therapists before and I can say that Velina is the best in her profession. She is very very good at what she does, very professional and caring. She really cares about her clients and about her work." - Raghu* {noformat}{noformat}*"A flowing release of tension and emotions...soothing body oils and comforting essential oils complete the experience, Velina's energy and caring was with me days after the experience". - Aminda* {noformat}