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    About Us

    We've Got You Covered Concierge Service's was founded by Peter Vazquez, who has over ten years of corporate business management and customer service experience in small businesses to fortune 500 corporations. After working in management positions for various companies in such industries as retail, hi-tech, new media and entertainment, he realized he wasn't the only one who had too much to do in too little time. Out of that need, came We've Got You Covered Concierge Service's a personal assistance and concierge service based in Largo, Florida, USA, but serving people globally as well as locally. We've Got You Covered Concierge Service's provides services to busy individuals, companies' employees and clients, and commercial and residential property tenants.


    Our Goal


    This highly personalized service provides today's busy people not only with another way to complete mundane tasks such as waiting for the cable guy or taking the car in for an oil change, but another alternative to help with tasks that go beyond expectations. It provides a solution for completing time-consuming tasks such as planning that spectacular client party or locating that hard-to-find collectible. Thus, We've Got You Covered Concierge Service's creates more free time for busy persons so they can do what really matters, and have less time to stress.