Virtual Office - Virtual Business

Version 3

    After several years freelancing in the internet marketing world, supporting other businesses, I decided to start my own company. The investment, software, and upgrading my credentials was not prohibitive. The hardest hurdle to overcome was abandoning the office with its inherent control of power, and adopt a virtual environment where the boss was replace by Joint Ventures, collaboration, and at the most, a project manager.

    Branding and marketing took several months. Our objective was to create a transparent relationship with clients who were accustomed to being talked 'down to' and ignored. This was a difficult problem to overcome. Clients do not understand the reports, search engine crawling software, and hundreds of hours of reports needed to generate a good keyword or internet marketing campaign. Still, we did find a communication style that facilitated our mission, and helped reach our goals.

    30% of our work is outsourced to writing agents, creative directors/advertising agents, and web designers
    20% of our work is outsourced to writers and bloggers.
    25% of our work is shared with and
    Our profit margin is still low, about 20%,
    Our revenue increased 200% this year

    We've recently experienced a high level of success by focusing on small business/homje based busines, make money, and gambling topics. We do take clients in other genres if they wish to work with us, but we have build our own network that receives 79 million page loads a year, and caters to these categories.

    By having our own websites and blogs with Pr3 - PR5, we have more control over our client's success and appearance in the top search results.