Appreciated acknowledgments come in all shapes

Version 3


    We started our Gift & Incentive business by listing people we knew and people we also knew of, personal and those with businesses. We would just go to them at Christmas and make the sales. Pretty soon we realized, "Why restrict this to the holidays? What about the many other times people need to give gifts? Then I focused on business giving - even thank-yous for clients, or for customer service "I'm-sorry-you-had-a-problem," gestures. There are so many situations that this program solves.


    Gift & Incentive has been building our business for eight years. We get referrals all the time. We leave our cards with people. Following up a contact with a call is the most important step to take. Make the call. Don't be discouraged if they're out or seem busy. They are. Tell them you'll call back in three months, or schedule the meeting far in advance. And if they cancel at the last minute, start over again, and tell them you'll call in three months. You'll get in. And they'll buy. It was helping others give to others. That's a no pressure situation. If someone has a need to give something, I'm not selling them something; I'm taking care of their need.


    People are so happy to avoid the high shipping and handling costs of purchasing gifts online or buying and shipping. A beautiful Gift Album is just the cost of stamps, and you're done. Perfect for out-of-state family and friends. No damaged gifts, either. I listen with a different ear, for mention of a need.


    Gift & Incentive puts the power of your business back in your own hands. I try to fill a need. I tell everyone, if you don't have a need, I'm not going to try to sell you anything. And if you have giving needs, I can meet them, long term, with quality gifts effortlessly given.


    I've said to business owners, "What's the incentive for your employees to go the extra mile?" When they see that simple, appreciated acknowledgments come in all shapes