My Very Suscessful Avon Small Business

Version 2
    Hello everyone my name is Laura Bloomfield i'm 28 years old and i live at Grand Canyon National Park in Grand Canyon Arizona. I want to share my sucessful story with you all. I decided in june of 2008 to become a avon rep to have an extra income in addition to my GCNP full time job. I became a Representative for Avon Products on 6-12-08. I started out with Campaign 13 and only had 50.00 in sales that campaign but as the word started getting around GCNP that i sold avon i had several customers calling me with orders. Now i have been with Avon now 5 months and i have become a top selling new rep with almost 2000.00 in net awards sales. I have had 5 sucessful campaigns with avon with award sales totaling over 300.00 or more for those 5 campaigns. I made this incentive called going for the green for having net award sales of 175.00 or more during my 1st 3 campaigns. I am well on my way to becoming a regular top seller for avon and have a membership in the avon presidents club. you need awards sales of 10000.00 to join this club. I am well on my way to achieving this goal. With avon's busiest selling season starting very soon there is a chance i could have presidents club status by 1-1-09. I never dreamed Selling Avon would take me as far as it has. I'm getting ready to submit orders for Campaign 21 with over 500.00 in award sales. Campaign 22 starts Avon's holiday shopping season. that is our busiest selling season. I wanna go on a dream vacation to Hawaii or other exotic destination with my avon earnings. Avon has also given me more confidence, motivation, and i have met some amazing people in person and online. I hope to be with Avon Products for a long time. I hope reading my sucess story will help achieve your business goals. Thanks for listening and enjoty my story, Laura. PS: i Have a avon website where you can shop with me online from anywhere in the USA and pay fopr your merchandise using a CC/DC and for a small 3.00 fee you can have your products shipped UPS right to your front doorstep. is it available 24/7 for shopping. Please check it out if you get a chance. website is listed above.