Want to start a Business in US

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    Now, it doesn't matter where you live, whether it's in India, China, Europe, U.K or in US, you can take on the entrepreneurial challenge and make your dream a reality by setting up your dream venture in the United States.

    You can incorporate your business in United States and when it comes to choosing your corporate services partner, it pays to choose wisely. Select IBSN Corporate Services Inc - ICS and you bring a leading professional service provider to your side. We know what you need for your company, and we can deliver our services anywhere in this flat world.


    Welcome to our One Stop Shop Portal - http://www.mybizfiler.com/, a full service company committed to helping Business Owners Set-up, incorporate, launch their business in the US. We will also assist you on your Accounting, Payroll & Human Resources needs.


    We believe the best way to insure a long term business relationship with our clients is to provide the support, guidance and infrastructure that a business owner requires to help their business succeed - the services at mybizfiler.com are designed to do just that with a very competitive price. List of value added services ICS offers is as follows -


    For Individuals:
    ü Formation of Entities (C Corporation, S corporation, LLC, LLP, Trusts, Estates....)
    ü Federal & State Income Tax return Planning, Preparation & Filing
    ü Estate, Gift Tax returns
    ü FBAR (Non-Resident, Non-American Citizens Foreign Bank Account Reporting)


    For Corporates:
    ü Accounting and Book keeping Services
    ü Payroll Services
    ü Human Resource Management Services
    ü Business Consulting Services
    ü Financial Analyst Services
    ü Business Logistics Consul & Management (Virtual office set-up)
    ü Quick Books Set up and Consultation
    ü FBAR (Foreign Bank Account Reporting)


    We welcome you to experience & take advantage of our "Launch Discount Offer" before September 15th, 2008 and receive 10% discount on all the above services. Contact us at 203-437-4083, or e-mail - sales@mybizfiler.com, or by accessing 24/7 chat page on www.mybizfiler.com


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