Is joining my Watkins Team right for you?

Version 3
    Joining my Team gets you a starter gift, listings on my popular website and discounts on your products. Now, you need to find out if a home based business is right for you. If you want to know more - check out and if you think joining my team is right for you - then Welcome Aboard! Email me: and we'll get your started. I already have a strong web presence and large client database which will give you a head start. What's even better - as a Watkins Associate, you can sell in the United States AND Canada - talk about a large playing field!
    Joining my Team also makes you part of the Summit Group - which is a large database of resources and selling tips and tricks! They also have cute promotional items such as this link below!
    Starting a home-based business doesn't always need a lot of start up
    cost and
    may not start bringing in tons of $$$$$ right away. Remember, starting
    up takes quite a bit of time and energy and you need to set boundaries
    for yourself too or you run the risk of working 24/7! Keeping on top of
    marketing, industry trends, new products will be one of your main
    priorities along with maintaining customer service. Always be alert to
    new idea/opportunities and watch market trends....if you see a void -
    fill it!

    There are many other businesses to join which you can sell from home, so what you have to ask yourself is this:
    1. How much (if any) is the start up cost?
    2. Are there monthly minimum buying requirements? What other products do you need to buy to run this business?
    3. What is the pay structure, how often do you get paid, what is the
    earning potential (don't believe that "unlimitled earnings crap!" Be
    realistic!) :)
    4. Do you like the product? Do you get a discount? Does it make sense to join the company just to get the product for yourself?
    5. What do you have as in individual, that will help you succeed?
    6. Are there good resources to learn more and how tight is the competition?

    I started selling Watkins and Partylite -
    mainly because I like the product and getting the stuff at 25 - 50% off
    was worth signing up for me! Partylite was a one-time fee - expensive,
    but one time only. Watkins is $39.95/year. No monthly requirements on
    either side. I started going to community events and advertising, plus
    using my web experience to provide a community web page for other
    home-business owners, alongside my other websites. My business, as a
    result is increasing, my exposure is rising and I'm quite searchable on
    google now - which is great! I'm using the Watkins and Partylite to
    build a customer base and make some extra money. Soon, when the
    websites are all in place with customer loyalty, I will launch the
    home-based business and already have a huge database of potential
    Something like Watkins, for me, is the perfect way to go. Mainly
    because I love the products, and use them throughout my home instead of
    chemical crap found in stores! The cost is comparable to store prices
    so it makes sense! Watkins is quite well known and can be sold in Canada and U.S, and many people order
    from me now that they know where I am. What's even better is people
    order direct themselves often and I get commission just the same. So
    the money does come in, I get product I like and get to promote
    something I believe in. Just remember - there are no "get rich quick"
    ideas that really work! You'll always hear the "earnings are limitless"
    and "retire early", but you have to be realistic! There is no cap on
    earnings, true, but you won't likely become a Billionaire by selling
    these products. But yes, if you get a good base of customers who order
    from you, it's some good extra money and many people do sell Watkins as
    their primary job.

    The sites I've created, if you are interested in checking them out for ideas down the road: (and .com) General Site (and .com) Community Based Site - free for others in community to advertise (and .com) Direct Watkins
    info for those interested in joining my team and getting listed on my

    Blogging is a good way to advertise (for free), and so far my favorite one to use is
    Easy to use, many designs to choose from and you can get listed on google quite easily!

    Takes a little time to get all these up and running (and believe they
    are still being revised daily!) but once you've got them up and done,
    it's easy to maintain!

    Good luck in your ventures and remember, whatever business venture you
    choose- keep your eyes open for the other opportunities which are bound
    to present themselves too!