Taking it from Zero to the Emmy's in 8.5 months...

Version 3
    Ok this story is kind of cool, odd, and creative.

    At the end of 06 I was deffinately not in a good place, I was robbed twice within the last 90 days of 06 the 2d time beign the day after Christmas, I drive for Dominos Pizza. Being blessed to be alive I realized I needed ot do something to give back. On New Yrs Eve 06, I was sitting in church and right before communion it came to me to send the troops in the gulf a rose and a Valentines Day card. You can imagine the dead silence at FTD when I asked for a quote for 250k roses on Jan 1. I never heard from them again. The good thing that came out of that conversation was the person said I should set up a myspace page so I did. www.myspace.com/aroseofthanks , I had it for 7 months before I got my website up and running http://www.aroseofthanks.org/.

    On the 4th of Jan as I was typing a letter to American Greeting to see if they would help with the cards, I wrote the inside of the card. Of course as part of their corporate giving they do not donate cards.
    One of my myspace friends happened to be a graphic artist, so I met with her on the 1st Saturday in 07 the original drawing is in the gallery on my myspace page.
    I sent out the 1st card postmarked Feb 14, 2007.
    Over the next few months my niece took one of the cards to her school and showed her principal, my brother calls me and says the principal wanted 300 more cards so they could personalize them for Military appreciation month (May)
    *+NOTE Personalize means to color/decorate the cover of the card with crayon, colored pencil, marker, or glue and glitter and write your own message on the inside if you
    In July I made a few phone calls on the 17th at 12:00 am EST to CA 9:00pm PST as a former co worker said "Just one more call". It was to the production company for Greys Anatomy. To my surprise Someone answered at 9:00 pm I got their address and sent them some cards to perosnalize. earlier in the day imade a call to Gavin K at GBK Productions. and asked if it would be possible for us to bring our cards out to the Emmy Gift Suite he was holding the week of the Emmy's. I also sent him some cards for him and his staff to personalize. I got a text saying he would call me when he got back from vacation. He called and invited us out at a discount. Everything fell into place. The cards, the boxes, the gifts for the celebrities and the gifts for the volunteers and staff, the flight out there. I came back with some great new contacts, some amazing friends and relationships got started during the 1st 8.5 months. Check out the gallery on the website to see the celebrities I met that personalized a card.

    Now I went back out for the American Music Awards and The Golden Globes, since then the cards have been to Thailand because of me trying to get the cards on the tables at the Golden Globes, I met the founder of Dreams Can Come True, www.dcct.org , while trying to talk the Beverly Hilton into putting the cards on the tables. In December I sent Jemma 400 cards that she took over to the orphange that she is building for them and had the kids personalize them for the sponsors that helped fund the trip.

    What I need help with is Getting the 501 c 3 paperwork done, raising funds to print more cards and leverage the relationships I have made to build the A Rose of Thanks, Brand. I have come up with 4 more cards. Each is the same cover but different on the inside. Here is what A Rose of Thanks is:

    It is Art,

    It is Fun,

    It is Giving Back,

    It is a simple and powerful message to show thanks to our troops and their families.



    I think it would be a great way to help other non profits raise funds. Taking A Rose of Thanks to the next level is what I need help with. The potential is limitless.

    Any suggestions and or comments are welcome