My Recipe for Success

Version 3

    As a young girl being born and raised in the Soviet Union I was always fascinated by the beauty and the true authenticity of a Russian nesting doll. This incredible wooden souvenir has a long and interesting history along with its iconic appeal. Russian nesting dolls aka nested doll, stacking doll or matryoshka as it is pronounced in Russian, are probably the most unique and most popular Russian souvenirs. This well-known Russian toy first appeared in Central Russia at the end of the 19th century, when a toy maker in the village outside Moscow crafted a wooden doll containing seven other dolls that were graduated in size and fitted into each other. The nesting doll quickly became recognized as a unique Russian folk art.

    The time went by, I grew up and was very lucky to end up in the United States, start a family and start an e-commerce business that is specialized in 100% authentic Russian nesting dolls, lacquer boxes and other beautiful Russian gifts: After being in business for more than 5 years, my store offers over 800 unique items and gifts to everyone who is interested in quality Russian handcrafts and unique handmade gifts. Needless to say, every business must overcome some challenges at one point or another. Mine was not an exception. Increasing demand for my products really underscored the importance of finding the right suppliers thousands of miles away. This was a serious challenge for my new company. Additionally, doing business with Russia never has been easy.

    We go to Russia every year in order to meet with our potential suppliers and present our expectations. We're constantly looking for new products that could attract new customers. So far our trips have been quite successful. Each and every nesting doll that we sell is handmade in Russia of ecologically safe materials such as wood, water-based paint and lacquer. Our customers seem to appreciate this also.

    With 2,000 to 3,000 unique visitors each week, it's no wonder stays so busy. We enjoy great ROI from paid advertising such as Google and from use of the effective marketing tools provided by our hosting company. Having reliable service providers on our side such as and Bank Of America is a great experience that helps us to get bigger and better. Smooth transactions, real time reports and valuable merchants' features such as community forums and online account management service could not be any better than it is now. If there is a question or a concern on our side we know that help is only a phone call away. Thanks to the reliable service providers such as Bank of America, we continue to grow despite the many challenges in online retailing. We're experiencing nearly 50 percent growth year-over-year. Our dedicated team works hard to provide each customer with the most exciting shopping experience possible by offering high quality 100% authentic Russian gifts, 24/7 customer phone support, 30 day money back return policy, seasonal promotions such as Free shipping and low prices every day. These are just a few reasons why our existing customers keep coming back.

    Today, sells hundreds of unique items both in USA and abroad. Russian art collectors around the world really appreciate our services and products. We had such a great success with our gift company and such a positive experience with an e-commerce technology that opening a second online store was a natural choice. A few months ago our dedicated team was proud to introduce, a boutique type store selling 3-D wooden puzzles and other educational toys for kids. With the marketing and ecommerce experience collected over the years, and reliable service providers behind our back, the new store was fully ready to be open for customers in a record time of one month. A few months and thousands of visitors later, I am confident that starting something completely new was a right ingredient for our double portion of success.