Are Discount Dental and Health Plans the right choice?

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    Discount plan networks are gaining popularity across the country, with Dentists from coast to coast accepting these plans. So no matter where you are at, if you experience tooth pain, you will have access to quality dental care providers. But before you make a decision for you and your employees, let's take a look at the difference between dental plans and dental insurance.

    How Dental Insurance works:

    Discount Plans has been around for a long time, but many consumers do not understand the difference between dental plans and dental insurance First let's explain how dental insurance works. With dental insurance the dental patient pays a monthly premium, typically $50 - $150 or more per month. When ever the insured patient visits the Dentist, the dental insurance company pays a portion of the dental
    bill, usually with a direct payment to the Dentist. The dental insured client usually will have a deductible of $100 or more which must be paid out before the Insurance Company pays. Once the deductible is met, the insurance company will typically pay out between 50-80% of the dental bills, and that will vary depending on the type of dental procedure.

    With dental insurance there are usually exemptions, where certain types of costly dental procedures are no covered, such as dental braces or cosmetic dental procedures. Of the dental work that is covered there may also be waiting periods, before certain procedures can be done. Then the final downside of dental insurance is the fact that there are annual limits on the services. These limits, exclusions and caps on the service are essential to the dental insurance policy, otherwise the Insurance Company could be liable for more money that they take in and eventually go out of business.


    A Better Option with Discount Dental Plans:

    One of the options to consumers is the Discount Dental Plan. In fact many Dental and Health Insurance companies today are offering discounted dental plans to their clients. Discount Dental Plans are less costly to consumers as they pay a lower monthly premium. Instead of paying the Dentist every time a dental procedure occurs, the Discount Dental Plan Organization contracts with local Dentists to provide their services at a discounted rate.


    Why would a Dentist accept a discounted fee for services? Dentists are willing to provide dental discounts, because the dental plan member, pays the discounted dental fee at the time of service. The prompt payment by the dental patient, eliminates to need to deal with the costly aspects of dental insurance billing. There is no paperwork. The Discount Dental Plan Company previously known as a Dental Referral Service, also eliminates the need for the Dentist to pay advertising costs, as the company sends the Dentist a steady stream of new patients.


    The Discount Dental Plan concept works so well for the Dentists, that they are willing to provide deep dental discounts usually between 25-80% in most areas. The amount of the dental discount depends on the procedure. Bottom line with a discount dental plan, the Dentist and Dental Plan Member both win.

    Options for Emergency Dental Care Service:


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