Starting Up With Colombian Hands

Version 3
    Three weeks ago my wife and I started our own home business. We have no idea in how to do it, what is first and what last. But we just want to do it and learn in the process. Of course the excitement and expectations are high but this is just the beginning. In the future I would like to tell you my success story, but so far this is what I got.

    I want to tell you how all this started. I currently live in Los Angeles CA, USA, I am from Bogotá Colombia and I lived there (Bogotá) until 2002. Then I went to Miami with my family and lived there for 1½ year. In 2004, I moved to California and got married. My wife is also from Bogotá and her family has some contacts with the Taironas natives (Tairona natives are from the Sierra Nevada, Santa Marta, Colombia) They design and make handmade jewelry with natural materials from the Colombian jungle. It was then, when the idea of buying this amazing jewelry, bring it here to USA and sale it started to be part of our conversations.

    We bought some examples with the help of my wife relatives and brought it here, we showed it in our work places and the people really liked it. The natives were very happy to know that their product was being promoted in the U.S. "What a great way of helping this people", we thought, by helping them sale their products, we are giving them the opportunity to survive economically and stay in their land from where they have been pushed out by rebel terrorists. Plus we can show what a great talent we have in Colombia.

    We decided to create a website where we could show the products and also we thought in including artwork from Colombians, (I have to stop here and let you know that my dad is an artist and I also wanted to promote his art, because I think it is wonderful and I has been his fan for a long time, but you will be the judge on that if you got to my site so we will have a web page where we can sale the natives handmade jewelry and show some Colombian art, all made by Colombian hands, that is why we choose as the domain name and Colombian Hands as the company name.


    Well in this three weeks I have only sale 1 item, that is not what I expected but I know is normal, because now the challenge is to bring traffic to the page and learn how to make people buy the products, this has been a hard learning process but I am resilient and I hope to make it work, in the future as I said, I will be telling you my success story, I hope, and all the ordeals I faced. So far that is all I have for you.