Employers Discovering Free And Inexpensive Background Checks

Version 3
    Since 2003 www.BackgroundNow.com limited its business to serving
    background checks to business customers. Three months ago that changed
    when the site added a Google search engine customized to index only
    pages relevant to background checks.

    BackgroundNow.com, which emphasized security, exclusivity and
    protection of proprietary knowledge began revealing sources, research
    and guides. The information supports background checks for
    individuals, employment background checks and introduces background
    checks very few people are aware of, such as FINRA.

    Now over 950,000 pages are indexed by the search tool and keyword
    search refinements are shown above search results to help users search
    with more precision and locate the source they need. For example, a
    search at www.BackgroundNow.com for Fresno County Court followed by a
    click on "Criminal Records" will refine the search to locate references
    and links to the Fresno's online public access to their civil and
    criminal background checks. It's easy to use and rich in useful

    Vanessa Dennis, a journalist at Cheezhead.com, picked up on the story
    and published "background check company demystifies court system",
    which brought more people to www.BackgroundNow.com.
    And INC, the entrepreneur's magazine, has featured
    www.BackgroundNow.com at its website Inc.com several times since the
    shift and introduced more individuals and businesses to the unique background check resource.

    effect has been dramatic. Users have flocked to the site and use of
    the background check search engine is increasing. As of today, Alexa
    reports 495% traffic growth over 3-months and a www.BackgroundNow.com
    U.S. site traffic rank of #178,228 and rising. That means people are
    getting answers. There can be fear, mystery, misunderstanding and
    apprehension around background checks. The background check search
    engine helps by giving people and businesses access to better