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    The iron horse

    I've always been creative, from the time I can remember .In my adolescence I would draw for hours at a time I would design huge master pieces, any thing from robots to airplanes to tall graphically detailed buildings. I knew being an artist is what I wanted to do for a living but how? How...... how could I make a living off my art work, I didn't have a clue .

    Growing up I attended numerous art classes and schools and I would show off my work by carrying around a sketch pad everywhere I went. I had one friend who took an interest in me because I was the only person in my inner city neighborhood that could draw, or even took an interest in drawing for that matter .His grandmother seen how well we clicked, with art being our most common interest,. She inquired about the school I attented,wich was a middle school that is geared toward students who are artistically inclined. She sent him to the same art middle school I attended. I would always show him techniques I would learned in class. After high school I invested my time in becoming an entrepreneur with the buying and sailing of goods at the local flee markets . My good friend graduated from high school two years later and gets a scholarship to go to a prestigious art college. I continued to draw and work odd jobs. I then started a graphic design company creating logos business cards posters etc. the money earned from my business was not to enough to support my living expenses and lifestyle due to the competition in that

    I still couldn't figure out how to make my passion pay my way through life...I've entered numerous shows, I designed graphic logos for other entrepreneurs I even sat on the downtown streets of San Francisco to sale some of my paintings to tourist. A little more time passes and my friend was now graduating from collage and he to was trying to figure out how to make his craft make money for him as well, he also worked odd jobs and freelance artwork on the side. Well a one day he told me the only way he could see us making money with artwork is to start designing as adults were back at it....we would design custom tee's for performing artist and people in our neighborhoods..

    Well one guy who was starting a clothing line took an interest in my friends work and offered to pay per piece and per design to develop his personal clothing line. I didn't like it, I didn't see why we couldn't do what the other guy was trying to do for the benefit of our own company . I backed out of that situation. Two years pass and the relationship with my friend and the other guy turns bitter. They split and go there separate ways and my friend launches his own line. My friend invites me on as an employee to the company. I came on as a designer, manufacturer and as a sales rep. I figured to be affective in this field I should learn every aspect of the business . I came on to gain the experience, the same experience my friend gained dealing with the other guy's company. I came into my friends company to be an effective asset ,and then branch off with my knowledge and experience and be effective with launching my own company. I worked with my buddy for one year, within that year of me working with him we grossed 250,000$.that was a big accomplishment for him and me both...out of that 250,000$ none was accounted for. So because of management issues I decided to break off and start my own tee shirt line...


    I've been building the foundation for my company for one year from the date I'm writing this bio (6/24/08)...from the time I started sailing my own line ive grossed 10,000$ and opened up an online store...I now face challenges with the promotion of my web sight, how to set myself apart from all the other web sights. I'm new to all the available resources that are out there to boost traffic for online store's, I face challenges with financing my brand .I'm challenging the conditions of the current marketplace (GAS!) and peoples spending trends. With this online community I'm looking to expand my online presence, create visibility with little or no budget im looking for all the available resources out there for me .I have tons of designs but I have to gamble on witch ones to manufacture because of limited funds not to mention I outsource to get my printing done. Time is crucial and expansion is my goal. Im having a challenging time because im doing everything myself....the head the body and the legs.....administration ,art department, and sales department.... Being with this community I wish to trade experiences with other small businesses

    hopefully to widen the vision for my company. My current goals as a small business owner is to expand my product line...increase online sales (retail) and to have at least 20 wholesale accounts in the California area....I am my research department I am my lead designer....I am my marketing firm I am my sales and p.r rep.....and its getting difficult......I've been browsing through this community and find that this is the one of the best places for lets get to know each other....peace and thank you.



    "The higher u climb the smaller things look"