...the path less traveled.

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    It began with a commitment to excellence; a decisive point; a turning point; to take the path less traveled.

    Excellence in escrow is the vision of Debbie Allen, a highly respected Certified Senior Escrow Officer serving the Southern California real estate and escrow community. Crossroads Escrow Services, Inc. is the result of that vision; a journey which began some 34-years ago, a path to deliver a highly qualified independent, professional, and dependable escrow service company to the real estate professional.

    Debbie's quest for excellence began with Lawyers Title in 1973; having just graduated with honors from Bishop Amat High School, and while attending Mt. San Antonio College, Debbie traveled every day to Los Angeles to work in the "Special Projects Division" of Lawyers Title; the project which came to be known as 'the Phillips Deal', involving Phillips Petroleum Corp., Southland Corp., TOSCO Corp., and GATX Tank Storage Terminals Corp. The gigantic deal amassed some 760 properties located in California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada; 45 various counties in California; 85 title officers and over 2,000 documents. On April 1, 1976, Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation celebrated its 12th anniversary by closing the $225 million dollar deal; twice the number of transactions that LTIC offices in the state closed in their entire year of operation. After the closing, James Mullen, of Phillips Petroleum Company wrote a personal letter of acknowledgement to Debbie, declaring,

    "...without your assistance the closing would have been most difficult, if not impossible."

    As the Project Coordinator's assistant, and under the watchful eye of Richard Marshall and Charles Gray, a pioneer and noted author of California escrow practices, procedures and escrow law, Debbie began her journey to achieve excellence in escrow. The Road not Taken, is a poem by Robert Frost, published in 1916 in his collection Mountain Interval, the narrator declares that taking the road "one less traveled by" "made all the difference," can be seen as a declaration of the importance of independence and personal freedom.

    Crossroads Escrow Services, Inc. is the evolution of career decisions where two roads meet; a decisive point; a turning point; to take the path less traveled.

    Mastering Excellence in Escrow is the vision, path, and mission of Crossroads Escrow Services, Inc.

    A commitment to Excellence in Escrow; taking the path "the one less traveled by"...which "makes all the difference."