Build your own free website

Version 3
    My previous company (Clicks2Customers) was a search engine marketing agency, working with Fortune 500 hundred companies to improve their visibility online, in particular on search engines. One of the biggest challenges that we faced, was when small businesses approached us for our services and we realized how many of them didn't even have a website to being with. In order to face that challenge, we developed a free product and a new company (SynthaSite) that allows any small business owner to spend a few hours building their own professional website, without any coding and with free hosting - no annoying ads or anything like that.

    You probably don't realize how easy it is to get online - my company,, makes it dead easy. Right now, we don't make any money, and we are venture capital backed. We believe that having a website should be free and easy and that everyone should have one and we are really looking forward to servicing the small business segment. If you need a website, I invite you to try our service and join the millions of small businesses who have their own website.