Biking to Work Now Is Even Better

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    Human Fuel
    Biking to work is one of the best parts of my job. With gas at over $4 per gallon is San Francisco, biking is even better. It takes less time for me to bike to work than drive. I start off by going through Golden Gate Park, traverse along the Panhandle, then take Page Street down to Market Street. My company's office is in SOMA so it's a great 4 mile ride. It's a great way to start the day and it helps get me mentally prepared for the challenges of the work day ahead.

    Fair Weather Biker
    I have to admit that on most days when it rains I will drive. Of course I could buy all of the rain gear, but, because San Francisco has as Mediterranean climate, it will not rain for about six months.

    Best Biking City in America
    It's unfortunate that city planning in America failed for so many years. Having neighborhoods and population density brings vibrancy and character to a city. America's two most popular cities are New York and San Francisco. Both are very dense and both have incredible public transportation. The nice thing about SF is that you see bikers all over the city and there are big, clearly market bike lanes on streets all over the city.

    Since 1995
    In 1995 I would bike about 4 miles to Caltrain and then take Caltrain for 40 minute to Redwood City then bike about 3 miles into the Redwood City hills. From my Division I lacrosse college days I was used to exercising for two to three hours per day. Now, that would be a little much but a comfortable 20 minute ride to work and 30 minute ride home (there are a couple big hills to climb on the way back) is just right.