Location Will Make A Difference For Your Business Success

Version 3
    This applies to everything regarding your business unit, not just the physical location of your operations. What if your Web site was incorrectly key-word phrased, and then no one could find a link to it with the most obvious words? What if your salespeople were making sales calls in a non-feeder city for new revenue generation? What if your copy machine was located farthest from the person who makes 80% of the copies? What if your help wanted ad for janitorial work went into the executive/management section? In the hotel business, if we placed a tropical ocean resort hotel in the middle of a farm pasture in the Midwest, would it be successful as an ocean resort hotel?

    All of these above examples show that with improper location, your probability for a successful outcome decreases. Look around your business unit and ask yourself, "Does this or that belong here or there?" "The mountain must always come to the customer, not vice versa." If you do not position your product line in a convenient location for the consumers and their dollars to spend on your business unit, your competitors will.