Six month activity

Version 3

    I found this business through job search. My future "mentor" contacted me about the opportunity and told me all about the product- unique Air Purifiers with a breakthrough technology / actually a combination of 4 technologies / The reason I myself was interested in it because one of the benefits of the product was relief from the allergies/ pet and other, basically- airborn allergies, and I thought, " this is going to have a huge demand, many, many people have allergies and asthma" Besides that, it removes odors, kills 99.9% staff, e-coli, mersa, bacteria and germs on surfaces and air, and it leaves mountain fresh air.
    Sinse then, I purchased my purifier , experienced one, me and my husband love it, my son loves it. Company has a variety of other very unique products: laundry pure, which is an attachment for your loundry for you to do it without soap and hot water.

    I am still having my part-time job, and during tax season I have not done any business, now that I have my time back , I am slowly setting up for my actions, making my postcards and getting ready to sell my 2 units.


    What helps me to go on is staying in touch with my mentor, reading personal development books and listening to company recorded or live calls and talking live to those who have done in business good good money and those people are real