Identify Express Service Potentials For Your Small Business

Version 6

    We live in a world driven by express services, a quick this or a quick that, and we need it "this very moment" kind of mentality. In the hotel business, it was identified that two of the largest opportunities for express services were the checking in and out processes of a customer's hotel stay.

    Currently, that express service is done at most hotels in one form or another, but what if you were the first hotel to do it, thirty or so years ago? Would you not have had the competitive advantage to grow your repeat and future guests by offering this untapped, demanded express service? Would that express service not have set you apart from the rest of the hotels and made a marketing niche available for promoting the difference in your whole product line to that of your competitors without changing the core product line?

    Take a look around your business unit, listen to your associates and customers, keep abreast of market trends and your competition, and never stop asking yourself, "Is there an opportunity to convert and deliver this or any process in the operations and sales functions to an express service module?"

    Demand for express services will only increase with this "time crunch" world we live in. By conducting beta testing on potential express services, examining the results, and finalizing the outcome, your business unit can develop an express service to get ahead of the demand curve within your own industry and gain market share doing it.

    Once your business unit can identify and implement express service potentials, you will reap the benefits through operations, sales, and eventually monetarily. "Express"ing how your business unit is different today, than that of your competitors, will only add to your core product line for years to come.