Make it happen - Day by Day!

Version 4

    No matter what - Make it happen and Never give up on your dreams!!! Due to downsizing of a job I had. I was very stress and couldn't find employment anywhere I kept brainstorming on what am I going to do? I looked in the sunday newspaper, went to employment agency, register with monster, and any other job search online- I didn't hear anything from employer. So I had to figure out another way to survive -So I grab a piece of paper and pencil and starting jotting down ideas on "How can I start my own business I didn't have anymore time to spare, bills where due "like today". So my creative side started coming out I love to look nice and smell good. So I thought why not Natural Body Products they are safe and good for you. I grew up with use of homemade products for the skin that my mother and grandmother made for me when I was kid. So I came up with a name, I research my bottle company, logo styles, talk to small & large business owners and I passed out my business card to women and men. My business has grown through "word of mouth" and other small business owner that sell my products and It has been great to meet really cool business owner that lend advice to the underdog that are trying to make it. I think that is awesome in the business world because you can learn so much from business owner who are really doing it day by day whether you have a storefront or selling online. All tips are good! So that is my story so far I have big plans for my business. So if you get time check us out at: you will be glad you did!