Consignment is taking off

Version 4

    Most of the items that I sell for people are selling like hotcake's and I have gained 1 new customer and I have 2 more on the line to sell items for. My new customer has sheds full of antiques to sell like vinyl and shellac records, tube radios etc. I have to take time off of my regular job just to go look through everything and to get things listed. A word of advice if you are working with someone and you give them the material to ship an item make sure You check the packaging and also make sure it is ready in a timely manner. I had to issue a shipping refund because an item was not ready when it was supposed to be. Also for automotive parts have an independent mechanic available to verify mileage and condition of items. I had to refund a motor because I was told that it was 35,0000 miles and it had more than 100,000 because the odometer was reading off by a tenth of a mile or something like that. Post your business hours and stick to them. Make sure your clients understand them as well I had the client for the motor call me at 1:00 am demanding a refund on a friday night. Also if you put something up and someone lets you know something that is unique about the item thank the person for that information. I have records listed as vinyl and I found out through a potential buyer that early records were made of shellac and advised me to check it out. It was new info to me so I had a friend of my boyfriend who collects items like that look at them and he explained the different types of records to me. You learn something new everday. I have had some request for my website and here they are and my ebay username is amandaroseduck2008