How Yahoo! Store Changed Our Business!

Version 3
    The Backgound:
    We were a Web Solution company providing custom web development services until we discovered Yahoo! Store ecommerce system. One of our clients needed a website built on this system and that changed everything for us.

    We thought we were in a trap as soon as we completed the creative phase and moved to development. We were surprised to figure out that Yahoo! Store was developed in a completely new language called 'RTML' .Surprisingly this programming language worked completely online. Worst we searched for help documentation and we could find almost nothing.

    The Turnaround:
    However to complete our project we decided to get a hold of RTML and figure out the development as we never wanted to loose a client because of technical challenges. After a couple of weeks of hard work we were able to implement the design with the Yahoo! Store system and ended up with a happy note from the client.

    Although we faced several issues in this project we did have some positives. We liked how the Yahoo! Store system generates static HTML pages (a big boon for SEO) while the store remained dynamic. We were also very impressed with the way 'Store Editor' was managed to allow for easy editing. We continued learning Yahoo! Store system and gradually made it a part of the services we provided.

    The Success Factor:
    It was an year after we saw one of our Yahoo! Store clients AirgunDepot picked up great revenues thanks to their SEO efforts and customer focused approach. We felt very satisfied with AirgunDepot's success and started doing more and more of Yahoo! Stores. Today we only provide Yahoo! Store related services and we call ourselves an Ecommerce Consulting company. We have several success stories of our clients and we are soon to use Yahoo! Store system for selling our services online.

    Thanks to Yahoo! Store system our punchline reads "Guarantee Your Ecommerce Success!"