Stop Looking For The Quick Fix For Your Small Business

Version 3

    Instead, start understanding that most good plans to success are not the winning lottery ticket.

    You must always set a goal and continuously measure it with reliable statistics and logical data for comparisons, monitoring its progress, and taking corrective actions to get back on track. Achievement is like building a home. It must be pre-planned, budgeted for, executed with daily hands-on management, have managed solutions (contingency plans), and be ready for situations when other ways to achieve the end result must be applied within a finite time frame.

    You must always make sure that your foundation is laid correctly and is "rock-solid" before you move on to the next phase of your "finishing schedule/plan." Always keep a fresh visualization of what the finished product/goal needs to look like and have several benchmark signoffs along the way to make sure that you are on pace. Goal achievement does not happen overnight, and a lot of people, both directly and indirectly, come into your life that factor into your achievement or non-achievement of those goals. Depending on others to follow through or play a part in your goals must be an understanding.

    You cannot go from A to Z in your goals, without "C"ing that "U-R" going to meet "X" person along the way, who will contribute to or detract from your achievement. Reaction to that exterior catalyst must be planned for, and you must understand that your goals have to unfold, like this website, one page at a time.

    "To the World you might very well be one person, but to one person, you might very well be the World to their goals and achieving them."