FreshPeek Boot Camp Reality Show

Version 3

    FreshPeek is creating a new paradigm for a new
    generation that builds businesses quickly through teams. One method is
    our intensive six week "FreshPeek BootCamp". Participants become
    successful thinkers while a team of professionals help develop their
    business idea from ground zero to launch.


    Living in a
    lavish mansion in Boca Raton, FL with six other entrepreneurs, their
    lives are filmed to become a new type of Reality Show - where everyone
    wins. Hours of video depict the reality of each one striving together
    in teams and overcoming their own obstacles in order to achieve success.


    participant's first task is to secure a sponsor to support them during
    the six weeks of BootCamp. Their sponsor is invited to a Dinner at the
    mansion to tell their story. Becomming part of the show and integrated
    into our website, we show our appreciation for sponsors and the vital
    role they play in our success.


    At the completion of
    BootCamp, participants will be mentally prepared for success along with
    launching their business. For those that excel in character and
    concept, FreshPeek will make an offer to partner with them and provide
    a complete management team to make the business a success.