Starting an Ebay Store and Drop Offf Site from Home

Version 3
    I just recently opened my own Ebay store from my own home with items that I make like bath salts, bath fizzies, and herbal pillows. I also sell movies and other items that are collectors items that I find at pawn shops and estate auctions. To help out those who are not Ebay savvy or don't have time I auction of items for people for a 10% fee. So far I have people coming and looking but no bids; I have adjusted my prices and I also work with an Ebay marketing consultant. I just recently set up an account with Google AdWords for $5. I am able to pay by click or per 1000 images and I have 3 ads going. I am also able to get my ads shown on Myspace, UTube, CNN ect. I also worked out a deal with the local herbal shop so I can get a 10% discount on the herbs I buy. I also just got approved for a merchant account through Card Accept that helps so I can use different payment methods. I also work part time and chase after two cats who think that they need to help out.