You Never Know Until You Try

Version 3
    When I started the transition from focusing only on large companies to including SMBs (Small & Middle Market Business), it was a tough road. I didn't realize that so many companies had been hoodwinked by a handful of predatory consulting firms. Not only were these SMBs more demanding, they were very skeptical. They simply don't believe...or don't want to believe...that if they do some things differently their success will increase. After all, they made it this far, +*RIGHT!</s<br />
    My first SMB client had problems and recognized it. He tried 2 larger consulting firms, paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, and had a stack of paper about 2 feet tall to show for his efforts. We call this "being papered"!! The reason he gave me the job was that he was really in a bad spot and my rates were extremely competitive and with a 500% ROI Promise he felt he had nothing to lose.

    In about 6 weeks spread over the course of 3 months, he started seeing the results. First, I helped him reorganize his operations and administration. This resulted in gaining some basic efficiencies while not over working the staff (a problem he faced). Second, I developed a very revealing Estimate & Job Costing tool for him. He was shocked to discover that many of the jobs he sold (*and he was positive that he made a fortune on them*) actually lost money. Then I looked at his sales management process & the sales force. I restructured his commission program, realigned the territories, and set new sales targets to meet the company financial objectives. The result was a 194% Revenue Increase in the First Year and he bought a million dollar home the next year!

    The moral to this story is that any business owner can have tough problems and not know where to turn. Even when you try and fail (as he did with the other 2 firms) keep looking until you find someone that understands the problem and knows how to fix it. I hope that this helps others see that if you have problems, there are people that care and will help you.