Targeted Email Newsletters

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    E-newsletters that are informative, convenient, and timely are often preferred over other media. However, a new study found that only 11% of newsletters were read thoroughly, so layout and content scannability are paramount.

    Email newsletters continue to be one of the most important ways to communicate with customers on the Internet. Newsletters build relationships with users, and also offer users an added social benefit in that they can forward relevant newsletters to friends and colleagues. Still, users are highly critical of newsletters that waste their time, and often ignore or delete newsletters that have insufficient usability.

    Immediate Use

    Newsletters must be current and timely, as indicated by three of the four main reasons that users listed for why a certain newsletter was the most valuable they received. Each of the following reasons were given by more than 40% of users:
    • Work-related news and/or activities in their own company or other companies (mentioned by 2/3 of users)
    • Prices and sales
    • Personal interests and hobbies
    • Events, deadlines, and important dates
    As demonstrated by this list, there's pretty much a "what have you done for me lately" phenomenon at play, where newsletters must justify their inbox space on a daily basis. Having been relevant in the past is not enough. Because of the medium's immediacy, newsletters must be relevant today and address the user's specific needs in the moment.

    However, because newsletters build relationships with readers, and because it's so easy for readers to ignore individual editions, newsletters do have some leeway here. The key is for a newsletter to be predictably relevant at particular times. During periods in which a newsletter isn't relevant to users, they can simply ignore it rather than unsubscribing.

    So, how are you fairing in your e-mail marketing campaigns?

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