I never, ever, thought I would own a Luxury Dog House Biz.

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    About 8 years ago, I took it upon myself to do a little, Dog House, Shopping with utmost certainty that (for the right price) I would find a I had been to countless Pet Shops, Home Improvement/Hardware Stores & Garage Sales. I even shopped the Internet with limited success. Ultimately, I built a Dog House of my own:

    And, for my Dogs, I was sparing NO expense. It was to mimic ALL the comforts of home during the most intolerable weather conditions. Two weeks later, My "Luxurious" Upscale Dog House was Created.

    A similar dilemma occured 3 years later, when a friend had approached me: He too had shopped heavily for a Decent Dog House and came up empty handed. I had agreed to build him a Dog House (upper left corner of this site) at cost. Much like myself, he is a true pet lover and spared "no attribute" for his Dog:

    Internal measurements: 4ftH x 4ftW x 5ftL.
    External Measurements: 8ftH x 5.5ftW x 6.5ft L

    Solid 2x4 framing
    Sealed wood siding
    Window with screen
    Insulated floor Ceiling and Walls
    Internal, External Light
    Doggy Door
    Human access Panel
    You name it.

    At about the time of completion, my friends Dog died. Leaving me with an Exceptionally Large (to say the least) Dog House, that needed to be sold (I wanted my money back). As unique as this structure was, I felt I was faced with a difficult task: To my surprize, It sold within 2 weeks at my asking price once displayed at a local auctioneer.

    Today, we are a small "High End" Dog House Manufacturer located in Annandale, Minnesota. We cater to both business and consumer concerns (within the United States). We Build, Sell and Market High End, Dog Houses, to order, (Including size and amenities) nationwide. We have sold our Dog Houses at Auctions, On the Internet, From fliers hung up in grocery stores, etc. We even obtained a contract from a local retailer to display and sell our product (on consignment) at their facility. We have been in the local news an newspapers.

    Some people question the "Need" to own such a sophisticated Dog House for their Pooch? If you are wondering the same thing, I recommend you go to http://www.jimboshoundhosues.com for our answer.

    I invite you to check out the Dog House Market yourself. then \revisit our site. I am sure you will
    find (as we did) that a "Suitable" Dog House of High Quality and Full Functionality is hard to come

    And yes, from time to time, I still do build a Dog House or 2 in my Garage, on my own.!!

    James Hapka
    "A Dog House Built to Your Specification"