The upside to being a caregiver: my online business

Version 3
    I have always (make that 34 years) worked as an Occupational Therapist. My career has led me from hospitals to rehab centers, to chronic pain management centers, to return-to-work programs, to nursing homes, and to developmental centers. I was happy with my latest job, loving the people I served. My husband is older than I am, and has many health issues. My parents had always been well and active. Then my father died. My mother fell and took nearly a year to get back to speed. Then my husband began having memory lapses, forgetting to take his insulin and medicines. I began to dread leaving the house with him and my mother alone for the day. I knew I had to change my work, but how?

    I realized that I have a wealth of information from my previous career placements. I am also living the caregiving life each day. Why not put those two together, develop a website, and help others, by a coaching style, to get the support and information they need to be caregivers?

    I am now online, and am watching the website blossom. Google has finally picked my website up, but now I need volume to get onto the front pages so people can find me. I am passionate about providing information and have a newsletter on the site.

    If you are a baby boomer like me, and are giving care in your home or at a distance, check out my website and please pass it on to any others you may know who are in that situation. Support and information are the things caregivers need.