Brand Loyalty

Version 2
    My Dad, when he was alive, purchased a car every two years. That brand of car was Oldsmobile. My ex-husband will only buy one brand of laundry detergent, Tide. And when I have any kind of ache or pain, I reach for the Advil.

    These are examples of brand loyalty. These companies spend millions of marketing and advertising dollars to maintain their brand awareness. Also these are national brands. They have been around for years, we all grew up with them. Even though other products on the market my be able to do the job, they will never get noticed, because once a product has your brand loyalty you won't purchase anything else.

    The Mom & Pop establishments. These are local brands. The corner store you go to when you forgot to buy sugar at the grocery store. Your nail shop, where you get your mani and pedi done. The hair salon, that makes you look fabulous. When the car dealer charges way too much for that repair, your local body shop. And your local hardware store that always has a knowledgeable person available to help you with advice regarding your home repair. You wouldn't dream of going elsewhere for these services, because you trust them, and they know how to take care of you.

    How does a small one-person business create brand loyalty? I began building my brand online and offline. I created a marketing blog and made weekly posts. I also joined different social networks such as;,, and others. I complied an e-mail list and sent out a monthly newsletters. I offered my services pro-bono. I wrote marketing tips that could copied and used free and clear. Offline, I did direct mail, networking, volunteered my services to non-profit organizations, advertised in local weekly newspapers, went to trade shows, etc. I did this over a two-year period and watched my business increase to where I am today. I won't tell you that I'm a household name, but I do get business by word-of-mouth now. When you reach word-of-mouth status your business is doing good.

    A word of advice, once you begin creating buzz to build your brand, you will have to maintain that buzz. It's not wise to create buzz regarding your busness then do nothing about it. You have to make an effort to contribute everyday. Yes this will require much effort on your part, but I can tell you this, it's totally worth it. It is possible to have brand loyalty if you are a one-person business.