Entrepreneurial spirit sparked by a greedy ex employer

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    I started as a web designer for a well known ad agency and ended up becoming director of interactive media of the same company
    In a matter of six months. It was just myself in the beginning cranking out websites day in and day out until the work load was out of
    control and I need help and fast. At first I was very happy with the direction the company was taking and told my boss to count on
    me to manage the web department which now was me and two more guys. We started brainstorming on solutions we could develop
    for our bread and butter client base which was real estate and came up with an online solution that made the sales process for real estate
    developers a breeze. I put in long hours and contributed with great ideas and solved many problems we face along the development path.
    One day my boss sat me down and wanted me to sign a non-compete agreement because he wanted to cover his rear end, so he said.
    I thought nothing of it and the last thing on my mind was to run off and start my own web development company so I signed with a smile
    on my face.

    A couple weeks passed and I noticed a slight change of environment and attitude towards the employees by the management staff and as
    a manager I wanted to find out what was going on. I was told by the boss that they had to fire some graphic designer but not to worry the
    interactive media department was strong as ever. I started listening to all kinds of stories and angles on how the boss was over charging
    clients for services and was in some cases even double charging for the same services. I did start to see a decrease of work coming in and
    the account representative that were never in the building suddenly were cold call potential client desperately asking to setup a meeting
    with them. I was getting worried because I was starting to feel the melt down in the interactive media department as well we were looking for
    things to do because the work load stopped rolling in. I have heard of companies growing fast but this company grew from four employees
    to forty employees in a matter of months without a strategic plan to follow. Well you know what happened from there slowly but surely the
    company downsized losing its best employees because they couldn’t afford them anymore. Before the melt down I was giving the opportunity
    to start my own business and it was the best choice I made in my entire life. I learned a lot along the way and I am grateful for the experience
    I gained but there is nothing like the experience you acquire when you have your own business. Today I own eyeSITE Interactive, Corp.
    specializing in complete marketing packages to business of all sizes. We offer graphic design, printing, web design and internet marketing as
    separate services and together as a package. I can truly say I love Mondays now…