Money From Things People Throw Away

Version 4
    You can be Mr Lamp, Mr Lawnmower, Mr Fridge, Mr Dishwasher, Mr Stove, Mr Washer/Dryer, Mr Microwave, Mr Vacuum, Mr Small Appliances and the list just goes on and on. PICK ONE! Master the machine and then start a business that provides service to the community. The wife and I would get up early on garbage days looking for all kind of things to fix and re-sell. Next thing you know you will need a show room to sell out of. These things do not happen over night, but, if you are consistent and are the type to make what you have better, you will make good money. There really is no excuse in America. You really can make a million out of things that people throw away. Choose one and find the books on how to fix these units and master them. YOU, will become a master at doing house-calls and help folks that are willing to pay you good money for your service. Should you get the show-room, hope you buy the land and the building that you are working out of so that you become richer and have tax write-offs.

    You will make alot of money if you run your business righteously and treat the customer with respect. When you are GOOD at what you do because you LOVE it, people get attracted to that and they note it about you. DO NOT LET ANYTHING STOP YOU FROM YOUR DREAM! You really can become whatever you want. YOU have to want it so bad that NOTHING will stop you from making YOUR dream come true. If you are DOWN and have no money, THINK about it....the answer is right in front of you. If you are reading this, you have access to a computer and you can sell using this forum for FREE. Selling the things that people throw away.

    Things that people just do not need or want anymore. Get creative now! I know you can find things and DO NOT let the EGO stop you from doing it thinking that people are talking about you being a garbage picker! Master one of the above things that people throw away and start your own business. Do something with your life that will give you enough money to do whatever you want. YOU, are the answer. YOU ARE WHERE YOU ARE BECAUSE YOU PUT YOURSELF THERE! You want better? Then YOU do things to have BETTER and become the OWNER/BOSS of something that is yours! Take control of YOUR life and educate/master one of the above and become it. Mr WasherDryer @ Soto's Plaza

    Look good at the PICTURE of the plaza. That plaza was BUILT with the monies that came from the story above. No construction loan needed because monies came from the sale of many used washers and dryers. If I can do this, I KNOW you can also do it.