Your Way to Young to Hire!

Version 4
    I have been designing websites since I was about 15, but not until recently have I tried selling myself as a web designer. I am 22 now and have finally started offering my services to the public. I started my sales campaign with cold calls, but in turn found that most people on the receiving end always thought I sounded a bit young to be presenting myself as a business owner.

    I found out that more then design and price, experience was a big necessity to all the business owners that I had go in touch with. Unfortunately in the minds eye, experience is how old a person is rather then how well they do the job entailed.

    After many failed attempts at phone marketing, I switch over to strictly e-mail and forum marketing. This limits the type of promoting I can do but it also delivers a wider audience in one shot. It also reduces my marketing and advertising schedule to one day a week, cost me virtually nothing and at the same time creates an e-communication relationship with your potential customers. Now, they will never find out your age because they will be expecting a e-mail in return when they ask for your services.

    Of course I always offer my phone number on my advertisements so clients can get in touch with me, but if they are willing to call me; they really don't care how old I am. They are already interested.