The Black and White Cookie Company

Version 3
    The Black and White Cookie Company is a cookie manufacturer specializing
    in its namesake, a New York City tradition, the Black and White Cookie.
    Adding a tasty touch to a timeless classic, The Black and White Cookie
    Company relies on a recipe handed down from a German baker who brought the
    cookie with him to the States some 80 years ago. We then spent 3 years on
    that recipe and made it even better; crisp around the edges, soft in the
    middle with that perfect hint of lemon. They are truly the best Black and
    White Cookies on earth!

    The addition of a full range of exotic flavor combinations, shapes,
    decorative varieties and edible full-color custom images gives the
    traditional Black and White Cookie a modern makeover perfectly suited for
    corporate use as well as direct retail, weddings, religious occasions,
    birthdays and more.

    The Black and White Cookie Company was conceptualized over 6 years ago.
    Joshua Auerbach, a long time fan of the Black and White, was struck by the
    conspicuous absence of the treat outside his home state of New York. He
    registered in February 2001, a temporary site was
    launched with no marketing or advertising. Proof of concept was rapid as
    the site received email after email from ex-New Yorkers, tourists, and
    others wanting to purchase the cookies.