Working with family

Version 3

    Sometimes you hear mixed reviews about hiring friends and family. I most often remember the horror stories before our company did just that. Noel Building Consulting was started in 1998 by our president Lloyd Noel who had years of experience working with architects, contractors, and of course the city of New York on construction projects.

    After being in business for two years he realized that he had to get some help to grow the business, so who did he turn to? His very own brother. Some people thought that was a mistake, would there be infighting? A power struggle, egos?

    For these brothers it was none of the above because their business relationship was guided by a few principles:

    1. From 9 to 5 work is a priority - this kept the brothers from bringing family issues and family egos into the office.
    2. Any issues at the office stayed at the office - there will always be problems and issues at work and leaders of a company will sometimes have disagreements, often heated ones, when the leaders are passionate. The brothers made a promise to leave work at work.
    3. Complete dedication - this is a must for any small business owner, but when you have family members running a business it is a must, their focus and vision must be there and dedication has to be 100% as to not cause friction.

    What makes the Noel story even more of a success is that three years ago the brothers hired one of their best friends as COO and because of their guiding principles, not only has that hire worked out but the company has tripled in size over the last two years.