Become Extraordinary & You Will Double Your Income

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    Growing up as a child my baseball idol was Wade Boggs- Hall of Fame infielder from the Boston Red Sox-due to his extraordinary work ethics. He became one of the greatest hitters in the league because he would consistently practice every day with different techniques. I looked up to him as a model of how I wanted to practice my baseball techniques & become an extraordinary hitter.

    Do you want to become extraordinary? Do you want future prospects to look up at your company as a model of how a business should be run? Finally, are you ready to double your income or reach greater heights, by being extraordinary?

    You must start with a good plan. A good plan conveys your company's vision to target markets, customers and employees.

    Below are 3 ways your business can become extraordinary.

    Define your target market & research your demographics. Pinpoint your ideal customers and who would purchase your products or services. The key to targeting is planning ahead. Ask yourself, "Who will benefit the most from my products and services?" Narrow your target and start selling them your benefits.

    Define your benefits. Your company should be advertising all relevant benefits. Benefits sell. Benefits clearly answer the customer's question of "What's in it for me?" Once you understand what your business offers as benefits, you can start selling them with your marketing weapons.
    What marketing weapons can you use? Start the New Year with two simple weapons: postcard mailing & email marketing. You can start sending postcards through the mail on a bi-weekly schedule to gain more clients. For your existing clients, you can mail them a separate postcard every two months offering them different promotions that will benefit them. During your mailing campaigns, you can send an email newsletter to your existing client base to compliment your postcards. These two marketing weapons done in a consistent manner, can easily double your income & make your business stand out from the crowd. Remember you want your business to become extraordinary, so that everyone will want to buy from you. What are you waiting for? start today. Call us and we can help you get your marketing weapons loaded for this great year ahead of you.