How I turned a potentially devastating life event into a successful business venture

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    I was in graduate school in 2006 pursuing a joint JD/MBA degree when I had a recurrence of a tumor in my neck. I was first diagnosed with AF (aggressive fibromatosis, also known as desmoid tumor) in 1994 and had radiation therapy. When the tumor came back, I felt devastated, because I was engrossed in my studies but had to drop all my classes immediately to start inpatient chemotherapy. You can read my entire story at

    I am a type-A person, so suddenly having nothing to do had a jarring effect on me. Rather than succumbing to depression and desperation, I decided to do something radical to occupy my time, so I started my own business. Using the advice of Diane Kennedy, I incorporated and started selling electronics on eBay. I named my eBay store Little Lola's in honor of my chihuahua, Lola. My first year sales were over $100,000 and this year they are over $200,000. I am very customer-focused and I have developed relationships with customers from all over the world. It is very exciting to meet new people. I genuinely care about my customers and I do whatever it takes to make them happy. Running a business as a one-man operation has been extremely time-consuming, but the experience has been priceless. I have learned so much over the past 2 years, more than I could ever learn in school.

    Right now, I am still on chemotherapy and my tumor has remained stable. The business really keeps me going. Even with all the challenges associated with running a business, I think I would have gone insane without them. I know my story might sound a little crazy to some people, while others may see the beauty of turning a potential tragedy into a successful endeavor. I look forward to receiving comments from other members. Thank you for taking the time to read my story!