From Cancer Survivor to Published Author to Entrepreneur

Version 2
    I was 16 years old in November 2004 when I was disgnosed with cancer, Large Cell B Cell Lymphoma. It was November 4. My birthday had been only two days before. What a way to celebrate.
    I was stage 4 upon admission with tumors in various places all over my body. There was one pressing against my spine, one in my left arm which shattered my humuorus bone, one in my kidney, my hip and my leg.
    In March of 2005 I was declared cancer free although I didn't finish treatment (chemotherapy) until July of that year.
    Having and beating cancer changed my life. The things that you take for granted,that seem so big to you when you are young, were suddenly so small. Hanging out with my friends became more than just hanging out. A hug was more than just a hug. An I love you was more than just love. And all my goals seemed to be just within reach.
    I moved to LA a few months shy of my 18th birthday. It took me three days to get here by bus. I was alone, all by myself.
    I put myself in school, got a place to stay and not long after that my first book Mirror, Mirror was accepted for publication.Then I decided to open Nickels and Dimes Advertising.
    Wanting control of my own future was one of the major motivators. I scribbled out a business plan using Post Its and then decorated my wall with them. But instead of moving forward with my plans, I sat like a rock.
    I worried that I was going to empty out my bank account for absolutely nothing, that I wouldn't be able to properly market my business and that I would pull myself under before anyone else had a chance too.
    In the early stages of Nickels and Dimes Advertising I cold called people who had placed there ad in the PennySaver. I dialed the number of man looking to sell his laptop and I asked him a few questions. He stopped me before I could even finish my sentence and he said do you have a website. I of course gave him the URL. He looked at my website and was like, this Nickels and Dimes thing is a joke. You need to go back to the drawing board and try again. Then he went on to brag about how he was a business major with several degrees hanging on the wall. Oddly enough he was slaving away in a windowless cubicle.
    I could've stopped. Right then and there Nickels and Dimes could've been history. Instead I sat down at my computer and began to hammer out a new business plan. I'm still planning, every single day. I think of ways I can make my business better, how to improve this, how to improve that and how I can make things better. I beleive in my business and I beleive in myself and I know that Nickels and Dimes has the potential to go far. And thats what motivates me to get out of bed every morning.
    Everyday is a new day for me. Everyday is a learning experience. Everyday is a challenge and a risk but somehow there is beauty in all of it.
    I hope this story moves you, I hope it inspires you and I hope it leaves you with something.